Sunday, October 27, 2013

Protecting Your Hive!

Protect your hive” and enter to win a children’s survival kit from Beesafe Solutions.

Emergency Preparedness is something that we are being encouraged to think about more and more and for good reason too: we are not immune.

Many regions and communities in North America have been struck by natural disasters in the last number of years and it’s possible that we in BC could also suffer an unexpected travesty like our neighbours in Calgary did this summer. Frankly, we could be victim to something worse. Succinctly summarized by the emergency preparedness authorities over in Victoria, "we can't prevent disasters from happening, but we can prepare to avoid suffering, minimize damage and come through the recovery period as quickly as possible".

To do this, the Red Cross encourages Canadians to become informed, establish a plan, and get a kit. 
We are proud to partner with Heather and Beesafe Solutions to help you get your family’s resources started (or expanded). Enter below for a chance to win one child's comfort kit.

Please note: winner will be randomly chosen. Prize will be one emergency kit for your child.  Contest is open to canadian readers. Entries will be accepted until Monday, October the 28th. the winner will be notified on closing day and will have  48 hours to claim their product.

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