Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Home, New Routine

“Hi-yah Dada” It came a few days after turning eight-months old but it sure stopped my husband in his tracks! “What did she just say... Did she just say what I think she said?” Her first sentence and of course not a single recording device around, seriously any cell phone these days would do and nope we didn’t get it on tape. Oh well there will be more, that’s for sure.

We successfully made the move off of Vancouver Island and up to the sunny Interior, Kamloops BC. We have finally gotten rid of the moving boxes and its starting to feel like home.

Madison is now eight-months old now and is crawling all over the place; she seems to be speeding up every day. She has now learned how to crawl up and down stairs, for some reason she loves to crawl underneath the bar stools and stand up as if she is creating her own little house under there.

New town and new friends we are meeting people everywhere and a whole lot more mums seems to be here and many are like us just new to town which makes the move a lot easier. Something about new towns and new friends that is such fun. I think Maddy loves seeing all these new faces and new adventures. For example the water park that is a few blocks away is like a whole new world of exploration.

Maddy is just loving fruit these days maybe it’s the sunshine and therefore her craving more water but any melon, strawberries or peaches near her consider them gone. I was in our front yard the other day with her and I was introducing myself to our new neighbour and Madison helped herself to our strawberry garden and she loved every minute. Of course I had the panicked moment of a crazy gash on her face but then I realized it was strawberry juice. Silly girly!

Sadly I am starting to plan Madison’s 1st birthday it is crazy how fast this date is approaching. The celebration is really for all the adults to have an excuse to have an afternoon of booze and pats on the back of a job well done…aka we survived. I still look at her in amazement and think wow she has taught me so much about myself in such a short amount of time. But I couldn’t imagine life without her.

We just finished four weeks of swimming lessons, basically glorified bath time, but totally hilarious. Maddy just loves these classes and of course any time a male lifeguard walked by she was a total show off, but if a female lifeguard walked by it was total meltdown in the pool…Gosh we will have our hands full with this one…Are we sure another is in the plans...Yes of course, maybe not right now but sometime soon I’m sure.

Best moment of last week was when I walked past a couple and the dad was holding the eldest squirming like a monkey and the mom pushing the stroller with the toddler and newborn saying “Isn’t this the greatest!” Biting my tongue not to laugh but...Maybe just one more I thought…

By: Jessica Sutherland

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