Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventures in Motherhood...7 months and Counting!

Well I have to say this adventure of the first year of motherhood seems to be flying by! Madison is 7 ½ months old now and wow is she one determined little girl! She has started crawling, and taking a few steps when I hold her fingers and loves to feed herself which is an adventure every day in itself. 

Of course her favourite spot to crawl to is the fireplace and a close second is the dogs water bowl; which I’m quite sure she think is her own personal water feature. Let’s just say my hard wood floors are starting to warp from all the water. 

Also we have sold our house and are moving across the province, yes were leaving Victoria and the great home we’ve spent 5 years renovating for the sunny Interior, Kamloops to be exact. So these days our house is filled with boxes and bare walls and of course a floor filled with toys for entertaining Madison while I try and pack things up. I have hired a nanny which is the smartest thing I have done these last 7 months especially because my husband is already up in Kamloops working. So I have spent the last two months getting a taste for what single mothers go through with babies and wow what a huge amount of admiration I have for you all. I’m so excited we will all be under one roof within a week!

This is my favourite age so far. 7-9 months is such fun because they are learning so much so fast. These days Maddy is loving to feed herself; we have begun exploring food beyond mashed meals, it’s very messy but it’s nothing a bath can’t take care of; almost saying “Mama and Dada”; and getting very fast at crawling around.

Teething is always on our mind. She got her two bottom teeth when she was 5 months old and she is just about to get her top two teeth which is disturbing her sleeping patterns but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so losing some sleep to comfort her pain is ok by me, for now that is, we should have those top two teeth any day. Some days I feel like an infomercial offering her the latest teething product…. Frozen teething rings, cold yogurt, ice cubes in a cloth, reverting to the Tylenol, Daddy’s scotch, anything that will ease the pain.

I still look at her in amazement and say wow she is my child, my daughter. I’m so lucky! Every now and again I wonder am I doing a good job as a mum and then she looks at me with that smile and the dimples appear and she crawls over to me and reaches up and gives me a hug. That’s it those moments make it all worthwhile. I may have cheerios in my hair at times and the laundry may be stacking up but my daughter is happy and healthy and that’s worth everything. 

By Jessica Sutherland

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