Monday, April 22, 2013

Life as a Toddler

I have come to the conclusion; life must be very hard at the tender age of 22 months. I look back at photos and read my journal, tales of this angelic beautiful baby, a Mother praising every sweet moment with her newborn baby. And I long for those days. 

We have entered “Toddlerville” as I call it. As truly, our sweet girl is in a world of her own. The tantrums, the defiance, the sheer desire to push every button I have, and every button I did not even know existed. I don’t think I have ever quite seen anything like it.

The other day I was locked out of the house, by the above mentioned toddler. Yes, it happened. She was on the inside, I was on the outside. I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest. I could see her shoving an entire box of Kleenex into the toilet. When I begged for her to unlock the door, she threw her head back, laughed, shook her hand and said “NO MOMMY!” 

We seem to argue about most things these days. What to eat, what to wear, what to do, where to go. It dawned on me, that I am afraid to upset my child, and I am slowly being held captive by her. It was time for some friendly advice.

After asking many of my friends for the wisdom and guidance I need in order not end up in the loony bin, I was given the suggestions of; Choices and Time Ins. 

What is a Time In you ask? It is literally that. Sometimes, we get wrapped up in our 15 hour days; we need to take a step back, get ourselves back on the floor, and listen and talk with our toddlers. They are trying so very hard to communicate with us. I often find myself saying “good girl” or clapping, when I truly have not paid attention to what really went on. I loved this suggestion from a friend.

My guidance seeking has also confirmed a few other things. I am not a bad Mother. I am a normal Mother. Who loves her child no matter what. But sometimes, we just need to love them a little more, hug them a little harder, and laugh a whole lot more.

Christi Manson is a married mother to a lovable 22 month old daughter and also rocks the part time position of Step Mama to two fabulous pre teen girls.

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