Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Your Mom Purse Bringing You Down?

The Dangers or Difficulties that Can Arise from One’s Handbag 

Bags.  As mommies we all have them.  Small, large, stylish or trendy.  Bags for fashion or bags for function.  Purses, diaper bags, travel bags or hand bags.  In fact, they practically become an appendage at some point.  But, are you aware of the impact they can have on your body?
Carrying a purse or bag on one side of your body creates a side bending pull, often lowering that side. The muscles on that side need to pull up to compensate for the downward pull. Your head also attempts to right itself by pulling in the opposite direction. This typically results in neck dysfunction. To avoid pain, be proactive by lightening the load of your bag, regularly switching shoulders or using a backpack.

Dawn Joseph is a certified personal trainer and owner of the Right Fit Fitness in Vancouver. She is a mom-on-the-run with a passion for working with people. Her newest launch is SUP Bootcamp Vancouver

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