Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day mess

Ugh, I feel terrible. I was on an angry phone rampage with Telus this afternoon (over bad customer service -- it's a long story) when my son knocked on my home office door. I thought it was him doing his regular "interrupt Mommy while she's working" thing with an "emergency" (sometimes, his "emergency" is that he "needs popcorn right away because he's starving" or that he "has to tell me what he wants for hotdog day next week"), and I, being in no mood to humour him just then, snapped, "Go upstairs and stop bothering Mommy. I'm on the phone!"

I heard nothing for about 30 seconds and then, whimpering by the door. Exasperated, I opened my door--phone to my ear, still hashing it out with Telus--to see what was the matter, and saw him crying outside my door clutching the Mother's Day present he'd made for me at school.

I feel pretty terrible. Because I snapped at him when I was clearly upset with Telus not him, and because I did it when he was trying to give me a present for being such a great mom! It was a bag of homemade granola and a beautiful handmade card and bookmark.

Not feeling like such a great mom...

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Anonymous said...

Hmm-pretty demanding aren't you?? Of yourself!!!!! Goodness girl-I understand how and why you feel crummy, but truly-you ARE human. Give yourself a break! We can strive to be better, but perfection is a bit much to hope for. You are a great Mom-and you know this comes from your Mom-in-law;>)) Biiiiiiiiig hug