Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pregnant Leanne: Week 39 of pregnancy - Ripening my what?!

March 2, 2010 - Week 39 of pregnancy

Three days left until my official due date and I am living on high-alert. Was that a contraction or a cramp or a baby squirming? Ah, bless me and my contraction ignorance, eh, ladies? The baby has taken to hooking one of its feet under my ribs. Wonderful. Time to get this process going I say!

My midwife has mentioned several ways I can help my cervix to ripen. I immediately imagined putting my nether-regions in a paper bag on the counter top and leaving for a few days, but nope. The recommended methods involve special nine-month tea and acupuncture. How fabulously 16th century! Cobbled streets, full moons, herbs...just up my alley, actually. I’m very into natural methods.

With my acupuncture appointment made, I was nervously trying to envision what ‘exact’ points are used for cervical ripening? How literal an interpretation would be used? Just the thought made my palms sweat. Thankfully, only one needle in the belly and the rest in nice neutral spots like wrists and foreheads and feet. I’ve got another appointment on my due date and we’ll see how that one goes. Come on uterus!

Editor's Note: Leanne, we are all rooting for you! You're almost there.

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