Monday, March 22, 2010

Pregnant Leanne (now Mommy Leanne) writes from new perspective

Our dedicated guest blogger, Leanne, has written us an entry, post-birth! That deserves a congratulations on so many levels. Here's her latest entry, written from the glow of new motherhood (read: lack of sleep and extreme anxiety that characterizes this new phase in life). Note to Leanne: If you're reading this, please send us a photo of little Freya...we need someone new to fawn over!
Mommy Leanne: It's a girl!

Well so much for my maternal pregnancy instinct! I could have sworn I was having a boy…

Welcome Freya Ashille, 6 lbs 8 oz, born at 4:17 am on March 15. Not a tiny, tiny baby so, ‘Ha’ to all the doubters. We laboured at home for 90 percent of the time and when I got to the hospital, my water broke and it was time to push! I’m a bit in awe of myself and what my body has achieved. I’m equally in awe of her long legs and big feet, which explain the rib-cage and liver beatings near the end.

This first week has been a teary, vulnerable, anxiety-provoking, steep learning curved adventure and, wow, the laundry!

My What to Expect book says that with a proper latch, breast feeding shouldn’t hurt. Lies! Thankfully, my midwives and the honest nurses at BC Women’s Hospital and the Babies Best Chance book tell it straight. Latching does hurt and will depend on your skin type and sensitivity. Now if I could just coordinate the open mouth, tongue down, nipple to nose, head shove while holding her hands back from her lips…I need a third arm!

Picture me, smelling like a barnyard, thanks to my lanolin cream, the cabbage leaves on my boobs, my granny panties, the black head-band and matching under-eye circles. Wonder what the boys who think pregnancy is hot, would think now?


Anonymous said...

Congrats Leanne! The good news is that it gets easier. The bad news is that it gets harder;>)) I am now a grandma of five and that is a whole new stage of motherhood. I have loved it all and still do;>))

Leanne said...

This is my Mom's first Grand-baby and I know she can't wait to really get her mitts on her!