Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pregnant Leanne: Week 30 - Exam anxiety

December 29, 2009: Week 30 of pregnancy

I’m falling behind on my homework. At least, that’s what it feels like. Knowing that the baby is now ‘viable’ if it were to be born now is packing on the pressure. The biggest exam of my life could be sprung on me at any moment and I’ve barely studied! Am I in way over my head?

At our last appointment, our midwife gave us this folder discussing topics ranging from perineum stretching to placenta delivery and the various infections that can kill me or the kid right after birth. Like a nerdy student, I actually put a Post-It note on my calendar on week 36 to ‘remind’ myself to start stretching that perineum! I’m only at week 30 in my What to Expect… book. I’ve still got Baby’s Best Chance to read. And I received a baby product consumer report book for Christmas. Ahhh!

On the bright side, we’ve got a bassinette, bath, sling, clothes and diapers. So if the baby makes an early entry, we’re good to go. I just hope there’s no quiz at the end of it all!

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