Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pregnant Leanne: Week 26 - Four rounds with the cervix

December 1, 2009: Week 26 of pregnancy

I never gave my cervix much thought. Before getting pregnant, I knew that I apparently have one and, in a hazy way, where it is, but that was the extent of it. Now that the baby has taken to kicking and sitting on it, I now know exactly where my cervix is.

What an odd, gross sensation. This baby loves to hang out down there right when I’m going to bed. I tried hiking my hips up, but then my lungs were being crushed and I couldn’t breathe.

Round 1. I’ve tried rolling onto my side, but that seems to really get ‘it’ going.

Round 2. I’ve tried encouraging the baby, with upward massaging strokes on my belly, to move. It didn’t.

Round 3. I asked my midwife the other day and she recommended I try the "on the knees, bum up, head-down" position of many sleeping newborns, and it worked!

My hubby is hoping all this kicking is a sign that the baby is going to LOVE soccer and be really, really good at it. I told him ballet dancers kick too and I got a sarcastic scowl in return. Couldn’t resist!

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