Sunday, August 6, 2017

Potty Training On-the-Go Tips

A family vacation can be a cause for concern for potty training parents – but it doesn’t have to be!
I’m currently in the midst of potty training, and as a travel and lifestyle blogger, my family spends its fair share of time on the road. Luckily, through some trial and error, and with help from the Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership, (#pottypartnership) I’ve learned some simple tips and tricks to better manage potty training on-the-go.

Stay consistent
The biggest mistake you can make is postponing or “taking a break” from potty training during travel.
It makes it much more difficult to reinforce commitment and consistency by switching back into
diapers out of convenience. So, no matter how far you’re traveling, keep at it.

Know and share your potty plan
Before you head out on the road, explain to all adults in the vehicle or on the trip what the plan will be
if you hear your child say “I have to go!” If you try to figure it out in the moment, you waste valuable
seconds/minutes which increases potential for an accident.

Consider extra protection
No matter how you’re traveling – plane, train or car – it’s so hard to plan for unexpected situations
like traffic, construction, turbulence or your child falling asleep. Using Pull-Ups® training pants during
travel will help keep your child comfortable and protected. They’re also ideal for on-the-go accidents
because they are the only training pant with easy open sides help reduce the mess (and you don’t need
to find somewhere to lie the child down to change him/her).

”Travel size” your potty
There are a lot of different travel potty options – you can even find seats that fold-up to fit into a
carry-on bag. No matter where you take washroom breaks with your child, you’ll want to have
something on hand that they can use comfortably.

Pack a potty-on-the-go package with your child
Get your child involved in this packing process. Pack the potty training essentials, including Pull-Ups®
Training Pants, toilet paper, wipes, bum spray (or a small water spray bottle) and a portable potty or
potty seat. When your child sees all of this coming together before the trip, it will remind them that
you’re all still committed to the process.

Communicate with your child
Before you leave, make sure you explain to your child that you’re still ready to support them in any way
if they need to use the potty. Show him/her your road trip supplies and continue to remind him/her to
speak up if they feel the urge.

Plan for extra stops and delays
When travelling by car, you’ll likely make quite a few more stops so your child can potty – sometimes
they’ll go and other times it might be a false alarm. Same goes for long travel days spent in airports. Be
sure to add on extra time to your travel day so there’s no pressure or rush.

Pack extra clothes and plastic bags
When travelling, opportunities for potty time might be out of your control, so accidents are more
likely to occur. I’ve run out of clothes before on flights when my child had an accident and it’s not fun.
Extra clothes (and plastic bags to store wet clothes) will ensure the travel experience is comfortable
for everyone.

Continue to celebrate each potty achievement with your child
If potty training stops being exciting for your child during travel, there’s potential for them to regress.
Pack stickers, snacks and other favorite rewards that are set aside specifically for potty training. Check
out for a wealth of incentive and rewards ideas along with on-the-go resources.

Angie Campanelli of Family Travel Guide, has partnered with Pull-ups to share her personal potty training on-the-go tips and advice, as well as some helpful resources available online. Checkout her blog at

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