Monday, December 19, 2016

Product Review: Muck Boot Review

Recently I was given a chance to review some boots for my daughter. Talk about great timing, since the wet and rainy Vancouver was upon us, and my girl had grown out of her previous season’s boots.

When given the choice to pick a pair from the Muck Boots website, I was fairly certain that my pink-loving, frilly wearing girly girl of a daughter was going to pick the My Little Pony style of the Mucks Hale boots:

However, to my surprise, she instead went with the Transformers option – in the Optimus Prime style! These boots are great. They’re so versatile – perfect and durable in the rain, but providing the stability and ergonomics for the foot much in the way that a running shoe does. And even better is that we had a chance to test them out in the snow recently – upon which we realized that they kept my daughter’s feet very warm and dry after playing for a few hours in the snow!

Features that I love about these boots:

  • They fit snugly like a runner and allow my daughter to run and jump just like when she is wearing shoes
  • They have a rear pull on loop that aides her in pulling them onto her foot
  • They’re 100% waterproof
  • They’re snug around the calves to seal warmth in and keep the snow and rain out
  • The rubber soles are non-slip so she can be sure on her feet
Let me tell you, she was a real hit at school when all the kids in her class saw her cool new Transformers boots! Score and extra point for mom over here when my daughter learned that I was a Transformers fan when I was a kid, too!

The MSRP for these boots is $69.99 and they range in children’s sizes from 7 to 13, and youth sizes from 1 to 5. These boots are awesome, and I would highly recommend them – in fact, I’m looking for a pair for myself next!The Muck Boot Company has boots for all types of activities – from cold weather trekking, to horse and stable, to work boots and play boots for kids. Visit for more information.

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