Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Game Review: Spot-It Frozen Edition

Today my girls and I were lucky enough to review the game SPOT-IT! – Frozen edition! Since this game is super educational, and it incorporates our love for everything Frozen, we were stoked!

Spot It! is a matching game of sorts. The deck contains 55 cards that feature photos of all things Frozen – Anna, Elsa and the gang, as well as sleds, carrots, snowflakes etc., and also the alphabet. The object is to find two matching symbols on two separate cards. The cards are round, compact, and fit into a cute little tin that is totally perfect for stashing in the diaper bag or backpack.

My eldest daughter loved the competitive nature that the game offers. She eagerly wanted to be the first person to SPOT the one and only matching symbol that each card featured. Let’s not forget my two year old daughter, whose language is really blossoming lately! Although she wasn’t quite ready to match items, she eagerly pointed to letters and symbols that she recognized. This game is excellent for their developing visual perceptions, processing, speech and language skills. This game was a hit!

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