Friday, July 10, 2015

Off to the Beach: 13 Items to Pack

One of our absolute favourite things to do is visit the beach! It has become a weekly tradition that we head out to the beach for some sun and fun....and gelato of course. Below I have listed some must have beach bag essentials for a toddler!

A mat to sit on - We recently bought the Monkey Mat. This super lightweight water resistant 5x5 mat with weighted corners makes beaching super easy. The mats come in bright colors so it makes it easy for others to find you if they run off to get snacks or refreshments.

Sunscreen -
this is a crucial necessity, especially for little ones. Be sure to reapply as directed on the bottle (most wear off within a few hours and after being in the water for a length of time).

Sunglasses - I always have two on hand at all times for when we are in direct sunlight.

Sun hat - This is so important as the head is the first thing the sun comes into contact with so protecting it is important.

Band-Aids - You never know when you or your little one may need one so keep a few with you at all times. Let your little ones pick out their own fun ones, we recently picked up some StarWar themed band aids.

Hand wipes - Kid's hands are bound to get dirty while playing out and about, have these packed along for snack time.

Kids after bite - Insect bites are bound to happen during the summer months, make sure to have this packed with you at all times for when it happens.

Swimwear - Whether it's a swim diaper, swim trunk or bathing suit, let your little ones help choose one for themselves to sport at the beach.

Water shoes - We love to run around in the water and sand bare feet but when we get to areas where there are more rocks or broken shells we swap in our water shoes to avoid injuries.

Blanket & towel - First we dry off then we cuddle up in a blanket (on cooler days).

Snacks & refreshments - I pack my son's treats and drinks in brightly colored containers the night before our beach excursion.

Beach toys - I always bring along some beach toys in case my son feels like playing with them, most of the time he's too busy splashing in the water and investigating the seaweed.

A change of clothes - Or two, you can never be too sure with toddlers!

Angel Fisher is a mother to a rambunctious toddler by the name of Valentino, a Canadian & United States scenic photographer and local lifestyle photographer.

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