Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Business Spotlight: Dailey Method Vancouver

Having a baby rearranges your body and can weaken your core in ways you never thought possible.  PostPartum the thought of heading into a gym can be a terrifying thought. Thankfully, there are a lot of smaller studio's in Vancouver that offer many different classes with less pressure and much more understanding personal attention to ease yourself back into physical fitness or introduce you to physical fitness for the first time! Thanks to Jey and Karen opening the second Dailey Method Studio in Kitsilano, there are now more opportunities to enjoy a new approach to physical fitness!

The Studio on West 4th in Kitsilano is beautiful, bright and aesthetically pleasing, with plenty of street parking in front and in the blocks surrounding.  West 4th Avenue has always been a preferred destination for shopping and services on the city's west side;  With many shops in the area including a No Frills, Granville Island and plenty of great restaurants, clothing stores, cafe's and now this  Studio, you cannot go wrong heading down to West 4th for a class!

The studio has a small retail area with plenty of new work out clothing, change rooms for both men and women, plenty of space to leave your belongings in a trusted and safe environment. The studio truly was arranged in such a manner that takes into consideration an environment which lends itself to feeling like your in the comfort of your own home.

You may be asking what is the Dailey Method and why is it so different? The work out is a combination of ballet barre work, core conditioning and stretching.  In attending the studio and speaking with one of the owners Jey Wyder, and several of the instructors, I was assured that these classes are 100% for all ages and fitness levels.

There are different classes to choose from at the Kitsilano location, you can view the class schedules online or for all of us busy people, they have an app that you can download and sign in for your classes on the go!

Dailey interval is a faster paced, 45-minute Dailey Method class that combines periods of high and low intensity movement for optimal cardiovascular results, this is more of an expert class as they do recommend you have completed 20 Daily Basic or Daily Barre classes before taking the Interval class.

So all things considered, this new addition to West 4th is a promising business with a beautiful studio, courteous, kind and welcoming staff and owners. You cannot go wrong making The Dailey Method Kitsilano a part of your daily exercise, your lifestyle and your family.

For more information on classes, instructors, studio locations please go to www.thedaileymethod.com/studios/vancouver-kitsilano

Janette Shearer is  a Mommy Blogger  for Vancity Mommy D, wife and mother to two little girls 6 year old Ava and 5 month old Zoe. All Photos courtesy of Janette Shearer.   www.vancitymommyd.com

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