Thursday, March 19, 2015

Review: Sea Monsters Revealed The Exhibition

Vancouver's aquarium recently launched the Canadian première of  The Sea Monsters Revealed The Exhibition opening  March 5th, 2015 and it will run until September 7th, 2015.

I personally love the aquarium, rain or shine! It's an instant mood brightener with its bright colored coral fish, waddling penguins, cuddly sea otters and fun splish splash shows from their belugas and dolphins. I enjoyed the aquarium even before I became a mother but experiencing it with a child is quite a remarkable thing to witness. Shortly after my son was born I got my husband and myself a year membership so we could take our son frequently. He loved it from the very first visit and each visit afterwards he becomes more and more aware of his surroundings and remembers his favourites (the dolphin show, and watching the belugas from the below viewing area). My personal favourite is the 4D theatre, I always have a blast in there!

The Sea Monsters Revealed exhibit has by far been my favourite and most intriguing thing to see at the aquarium. The exhibit delves into the deep seas to explore the myths and legends of the monsters of the sea. So why do we call them these creatures monsters anyway? We tend to associate the unknown with being scary as we don't have a clear picture of it. It's this reason that we associate these magnificent sea creatures with being scary. The Sunfish for example sounds scary with weights reaching 5,000 pounds, the heaviest bony fish in the ocean however I found this to be the most intriguing segment of the exhibit and found myself researching this fish more when I got home. That's the most fun part of this exhibit, it isn't the typical displays of sea life that we are used to seeing at aquariums, it sparks an interest at the kid in us and is guaranteed to spark an interest in your children.

The exhibit showcases actual sea creatures, through polymer preservation, giving viewers an up close look at the skeletal system of these fascinating creatures. In addition to this showcase there is an incredible 4D show, 'A Prehistoric Adventure', a film that will transport you back 82 million years ago to the time of dinosaurs. I found this film very fun with a few scenes that may scare younger viewers, use caution when determining if your child is ready to see the film, it is not recommended for viewers under the age of four. Out of all the films I have seen in 4D this was by far the most exciting and it left me with a better understanding of the prehistoric era of sea life. Once you have viewed the exhibit and film you can head over to the 'Let's Get Kracken' interactive game and participate in some game show fun!

I highly recommend that you check out 'Sea Monsters Revealed: The Exhibition', you and everyone in your group will be sure to have a great time and will most likely be eager to learn more once you get home. I recommend picking up a copy of the limited edition exhibition catalogue in the gift shop for some interesting story time that doubles as marine education. Memberships and passes go towards supporting the aquarium, the animals and all those involved so it's a trip you can feel great about!

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