Friday, March 20, 2015

Book Review: Lost My Name

Adventure and travel are two things I strongly encourage and practice with the raising of my son. New scenery, adventures, getting lost and finding something new, and daydreams are all such great simple joys in life. Whether travelling far, near, to the park for an excursion, daydreaming a trip or reading a story you can get lost in, one thing is for sure, adventure is thrilling.

I discovered the book "Lost My Name" shortly before Christmas and knew it was a definite must have gift for my son. "Lost My Name" tells the story of either a little boy or a little girl who awakens to discover they have lost their name. After attempting to locate his/her name in their bedroom without any luck he/she embarks on a mighty long journey to find their name. The little boy or little girl will come across several characters throughout the book, each with a small story of their own which leads to their gift of a letter to the child. The letter given to the child is the first letter of the character name's so it's a learning experience wrapped into fun story time. By the time the child reaches the end of the book the little boy or little girl has ended up back at home and has collected all the letters in their name and would have been introduced to several new and interesting characters along the way.

The illustrations in this book are beautiful and the story is fun and engaging. My favorite part of "Lost My Name" is that it is personal and made just for your child. Unlike most children's books this one tells the story of your child on their journey in finding their name. When you place an order online you enter your child's name and gender and it populates a review of the book for you to see. You get to see all the wonderful imagery and characters your child will get to meet on their journey. The best part of the personalization is that you can create your very own dedication that will be printed in the book, making it perfect for a special gift or keepsake. The book which is printed on thick, uncoated environmentally friendly paper is in a beautiful landscape format and if buying for a gift you can add gift wrap to your order.

Whether buying as a gift, a keepsake, just for fun or even for yourself (who doesn't want a beautifully colored book all about them?) one thing is certain, this book is for everyone and will be guaranteed to delight the reader and viewer!

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