Monday, February 16, 2015

Product Review: Aleva Naturals Alevoil (Part 1)

Aleva Naturals®  has a range of Maternity and Baby Skincare products  that were developed by a naturopath, herbalist and pharmacist. This unique product range was specially formulated with pure, natural and safe ingredients that deliver therapeutic results and are pH balanced to be gentle on baby’s eyes and mild on the most sensitive skin.

As a women skin care is on our minds constantly, from the lip balm, to the foundation, the primer, the eye shadow, the make-up remover that we use, we think about our skin care, and it was not until most recently within the cosmetic sector, that the ingredients became a large factor in what we as consumers are purchasing! Brands are finally responsible for listing ingredients on the packaging, and more brands are being conscious of what they are putting into their products.
We age and become obsessed with the fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tones, sun spots, stretch marks and scars, it's hard to completely alleviate the effects that aging has on your skin, but being responsible and taking action early on minimizing the effects that life has on our body will aid in the appearance of these concerns.

Any mother will tell you, besides the constant concern for the well-being of your unborn child, we will have started to become really aware of what we are putting into our body in terms of food we eat, products we use and our emotional well being.  All of these factors are important to our ever-changing  bodies while carrying a baby in utero and post partum!

Thanks to Aleva with their wonderful line of products to assist in the road to recovery, I've had the pleasure of using Alevoil, which is an intensive skin nourishing oil. There are two products in the Maternal Care line which aid with Stretch Marks, one of the biggest skin concerns of pregnant women! There is the Stretch Mark cream, which specializes in Stretch Marks and then there is the Alevoil which actually covers not only stretch marks, but also Scars, Dehydrated Skin and Uneven Skin Tones.

I've been using Alevoil for a week now on my stomach for stretch marks, my face for uneven skin tones and on my foot where I have an extremely prominent and colorful scar.  Now in following the instructions, I ensure all areas are clean and apply 2-3 times a day! Usually just two, there are too many things to remember throughout the day, I reserve applying skin care to morning and night!
This product is by far one of my favouite for stretch marks and especially for an oil product. After two pregnancies, I've earned my stripes, and I've always attempted to be very diligent in applying products to minimize the appearance, however, I had yet to find a product to use during pregnancy that wasn't too oily, or didn't leave my skin shiny, or that had a scent that I enjoyed.  With Alevoil, I have found all of the above,  no greasy feeling, no shiny skin and the citrusy scent is refreshing in the morning and calming at night!

The texture of my skin has been left revitalized so far and while it has only been a week, it has left me wishing that I had this product for my 1st pregnancy and the beginning of my second pregnancy. I can honestly say that while the stretch marks are still there, I have found the lines feel much softer, and the appearance is diminishing! The Skin tone has improved significantly, the redness that can appear in my cheeks has gone away, and by far the most impressive result has been with the scar on the top of my foot!  It was always a sort of reddish purple and not only has that color improved, but the texture of the scar has softened, and it isn't such an eye sore!

Would I recommend this to a friend, absolutely! Will I continue using it myself, yes! It is now a must have in my product list, and if you haven't tried it yet, you will want to check your local stores to get this product and use it! You will not regret making space for Aleva Naturals in your extensive skin care regime and in your medicine cabinet or make up bag!

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Janette Shearer of is a mommy blogger originally from Saskatoon SK, who moved out to Vancouver in 2006 to attend Make-Up School, after completing her Freelance course, she met her now husband who is an Owner and active DJ for Vancouver Event DJ's with a new baby girl Zoe and a 6 year old Ava to keep her on her toes! 

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