Friday, September 27, 2013

No More Baby, Now a Little Girl

Gone are the days of napping all day and teeny tiny socks and sleepers. Here is this little girl who taking her first few steps, saying her first few words and stumbles over to give you a hug!

Yup she’s a super fun 1 year old. She reminds me every day how fast time fly’s by and how precious every moment is. She is now sitting down in her playroom flipping the pages of a book, yes it’s upside down and she is reading back to front but it still amazes me.

I find myself looking at her in awe of what she must be thinking of her world and what is it about that one bunny that she must have with her at all times.

For her first birthday we of course gave her a cupcake and she proceeded to mush off the icing and pick off the cupcake part and toss that on the ground and the played with the icing in her hands like it was clay and she was making a beautiful piece of pottery; totally not interested in eating it. Go figure.

People are finally starting to say that she looks like me. Something about little girls people often say I see more of her dad in her. But now that she is 1 and yes I somehow incorporate a similar colour in her outfit as in mine as often as I can to enhance the similarities, she is starting to become her own person.

I am about to return to work and she to start daycare and how I will miss our frequent lunches out at restaurants, where she has gotten to know the staff and they bring her items not even on the menu, I know that this phase is very important for both of us.

I can only help but imagine the future one day dropping her off at Grade 1 my husband and I in tears saying how fast she has grown up and given her a million hugs and kisses and she says “ok mum and dad you have to go now, I’ll see you after school.”

Yes I’m totally sure that will happen verbatim. But that’s what being a parent is all about. This kinda of overwhelming, instant and never-ending love; as if they were always here and you can’t even remember your life before them yeah that kinda love. That’s what being a parent is all about.

This year has flown by, yes everyone said it would, but wow where is the slowdown button. We are just so lucky to have this little girl in our life she has taught us about love and life and patience and I don’t think she will stop teaching us things anytime soon. But that’s ok with us. She is the best teacher we have ever had. That’s the funny thing about being a parent you are supposed to teach them everything but the real miracle is when you realize how much they are actually teaching you.

By Jessica Sutherland

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