Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Moving With Baby...and a Dog

Selling you house is a big task on its own. Add in a 6 month old baby, a husband out of town and an energetic dog and it’s a recipe for an expensive bill at the wine store!!

About a month ago we were visiting family in Kamloops and my husband Steve got a great job offer that we decided was too good to pass up plus I’ve wanted to move there for quite some time as I have a lot of cousins there that have kids Maddy’s age and older. I was just waiting for my husband to also fall in love with it. As the good wife I am I didn’t make the decision for him I just dropped hints and waited until he said yes this would be a great idea, what do you think? Finally were moving off the Rock, Vancouver Island, and up to the Interior... Little did I realize it he was starting in two weeks!

So we made the decision for him to head up to the Interior, Kamloops, and start working while I stay at home and sell our house. “No big deal! I can totally do this on my own with a 5 year old lab and a 6 month old baby” Well two days into it I am elbow deep in staging the house, trying to keep it tidy and organized, tending to the babies needs, walking the dog, gosh I was lucky if I got a shower never mind napping and laundry.

I laugh every time I open up a drawer in the kitchen and find socks that I shoved in there prior to a house viewing or in the bathroom when I reach for a towel and find dining room place mats. Out of sight out of mind, let’s just hope these viewers don’t open a closet and have everything fall out!!!
It makes me think that Maddy is at the age that some parents find themselves as a single parent and trying to find their way through the days isn’t easy. I am very lucky as I have my mother in law just up the road and she is amazing at doing the daily check in/drop by to say hi and I watch the baby so I can shower/ walk the dog/ or just take a moment to myself.

Don’t get me wrong every moment with Maddy is amazing and I love our lab George but there are days where I think OMG I’m so glad this is temporary and that we will all be together soon as yes I have bitten off more than I can chew…Again it seems that is becoming a sentence that I use on a monthly basis as I never used to say it.

I picked up my husband from the airport this morning as he is in town for a few days and to visit and help prep the house for another open house. Home for 5 minutes and his stuff is everywhere already…gosh maybe this is easier with him out of town…What is it about Men and how they just leave a trail of clothes and food in every room! Looks like I have more to clean up before the Open House…Fingers Crossed for a quick sale.

Jessica Sutherland

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