Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Business Spotlight: Mission2care

Being a new parent is a life changing experience that is often full of the unknown. It can be enlightening, but it can also be very scary, especially if you don’t have a lot of support around you.

Up until last year (2012), B.C. had a decades-old practice of having a nurse visit the homes of new parents to make sure they were adjusting to their new role and to check that the infant was thriving. That program was redirected and now only a phone call is made to see if a nurse needs to show up.
Though an unfortunate change for most first-time parents, the timing couldn’t be better for Sylvia Cagalawan, owner of newborn care service. Mission2care offers care giving designed to help parents deal with the first few days or weeks of an infant’s life. 

A Pharmacist by trade, Sylvia spent many years looking after newborns in New York City before immigrating to Canada with her husband.
“When we look around here we see care giving agencies that deal mostly with our aging population,” says Sylvia. “Apart from setting yourself up with a Doula, there are few options for new moms to reach out for newborn care giving.”

Mission2Care employs trained nurses from all around the world. All are fluent in English and are working towards meeting Canada’s regulations to allow them to function as Registered Nurses; a process that can take up to two years.
Expectant mothers can contact the agency a couple of months before their due date and Cagalawan will work with the parents to make sure they are paired with the appropriate caregiver.

Sylvia Cagalawan has been in Canada for the last 7 years and worked as a Pharmacist and medical sales professional in the Philippines.
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