Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Here it is...Drum Roll....Winter 2011 Issue

Our first Magazine is here! I must confess I love this issue and I hope you love it too. Thanks to all the support from our advertisers, our fantastic writers and all the readers that provided feedback for this issue.

Having the magazine finally completed I realized how much this new venture is similar to a new baby joining a family. While nothing can compare to the first weeks with a new baby (I’ve done that too!), I realized I faced some of the similar stages that many new parents face. I’m up late every night (feedings), checking emails and phone calls (bonding with baby) and taking care of the suppliers, writers and advertisers who really, really need to reach me (listening to baby cries, giggles and laughter).

I waited with excitement for the impending deadline to approach (due date), when I can finally see and hold (cuddling baby) my first magazine issue completed (baby sleeping) I can look back and smile with pride (and take a million pictures) knowing that I get to share the results of my hard labour (no pun intend) with all of you!

Cheers, Lara

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