Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pregnant Leanne: Week 20 - Identify Theft

October 20, 2009: Week 20 of pregnancy

I’m the sort of girl who changes her hair with the seasons. Long, short, red, black, bangs, no bangs. I’ve also noticed I change my hair to mark meaningful major life transitions.

On Friday, I cut my hair to put an end to frumpy and hello to edgy. Well, edgier than my shoulder length natural colour I was sporting until Friday. I got a bob! Not a ‘starlet of the moment’ haircut, but an easy, won’t get trapped when I turn my head on the pillow kind of bob. A bob I could add funky blond bits too. A bob that makes me feel younger and prettier.

Feeling very fresh and clever, I went to work at the gym on Saturday. One of the regular patrons commented on my new hairdo and said his wife cut her hair when she was pregnant too. HUH? I thought I’d just change things up, something new for fall when, in actual fact, I’m just a clichéd pregnant lady who cuts her hair?

A girl at the front desk said she liked my new "Mom hair." WHAT? I guess now, I’m pregnant first and Leanne second. It didn’t enter my head that I was cutting my hair in anticipation of my baby. I will admit however that this haircut is easier. I can tuck it behind my ears, tie it back on top and it takes less time in the shower.

Is my biology making my decisions for me now?

Goodbye Leanne. Hello, Mom-to-be.

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