Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Simple Fun! Halloween Crafts

Halloween is this weekend! In the spirit of the haunted holiday, here are some fun last minute Halloween crafts to “spookify” your house this year!

Spooky Glowing Eyes

What you’ll need:
• Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
• Glow sticks (available at any dollar store or Wal-Mart)
• Scissors

This is the easiest and neatest craft for Halloween. All you do is cut some cool and creepy eye holes out of the paper towel roll, place a lit glow stick inside, and place them around your yard and in your bushes. Viola – you have glowing peepers creeping out at you in the dark!

**TIP: use tiny scissors to cut out the eye holes for more precision.

Ghoulish Glowing Balloons
This is also super creepy and super easy to create.

What you’ll need:
• Balloon, filled with water
• Old nylons, preferably white or black
• Glow stick

Cut nylons into two separate legs. Fill a balloon with water, and place a glow stick inside the balloon. Tie the balloon shut, and then place the balloon inside one leg of the nylon. Then hang from your ceiling, or even better – from the branches of your best Halloween tree outside!

Garbage Bag Spider Web

This is another great craft, as most of us have garbage bags lying around.

What you’ll need:
• Garbage bag, trimmed along the bottom & sides so that you have a single square of black plastic
• Scissors
• Black felt pen
Fold the square on the diagonal, then fold it on the diagonal again.  And one more time - fold it on the diagonal again.

Now mark it up like this: Then cut the shaded parts only. You will unfold it and see a cool black spider web! Hang it on your window and adorn it with some fake rubber spiders!

Melissa Collins is a mother of 2 girls, lover of coffee and self-proclaimed lip-gloss junkie. While she’s not working in Recreation at the City of Surrey, she’s blogging about the realities and the humour in parenting. She’s a glamping-aholic and loves to unwind at her trailer at Mount Baker, cozied up on the hammock with a good book. Check her out at

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