Thursday, February 12, 2015

Product Review: Baby Gourmet

Baby Gourmet is the fastest and number one branded organic baby food company in Canada and with combinations like yumberries and plum with ancient grains it’s really no wonder as to why.

Jennifer Carlson and Jill Vos are the power sister duo behind Baby Gourmet products which was born out of their desire to provide the best for their kids and make it a goal to make parents and their little ones healthy and happy. All of the delicious combinations were created right in their kitchen, using their motherly instincts on flavours and their understanding of what mom's want and need in a baby food. Once the recipe is in production they are there for each product run to ensure the highest quality of food is being sent out for our babies!

I’m a busy mom to a handsome little dare devil who’s pushing one year, a photographer, a writer, blogger, makeup artist, and in March I will be back to being a full time worker. It has always been natural for me to be on the go, the more I am doing the more awake I feel regardless of the actual pillow time I had the night before. My son and I rarely spend an entire day at home; in fact we were even out shopping the day we were released from the hospital after my caesarean section and within a week he had already been for a walk on the boardwalk at White Rock. With all that being said I will be the first to admit it….I don’t have the time daily to make my son homemade delicious creations bursting with flavours and boasting with health benefits. I will also be the first to admit that my son’s health, happiness and well-being are my upmost priority so it’s no surprise I love Baby Gourmet. A company that strives to provide healthy, nutritious and flavourful combinations of organic foods is a dream for us and honestly makes my life a lot easier when it comes to meal time.

Unlike the traditional jarred baby foods you generally see on the shelves with bland colours and only one food item like peas, Baby Gourmet is actually a full course meal for an infant in a package. For example, Baby Gourmet’s hearty vegetable with turkey contains sweet potato, apple, carrots, celery, water, turkey, and onion along with herbs such as basil, parsley, and rosemary. Throw in some mashed potatoes on the side and it sounds like a Thanksgiving feast. With ingredients like that it makes you want an adult version for yourself to enjoy along with your baby. Chicken, turkey and beef are the meat options you can find in some of Baby Gourmet’s creations, like the sweet potato, apple and chicken which happens to be my son’s absolute favourite dinner time choice. Once your baby is ready for textured foods there is no shortage of delicious meal options like the vegetable beef and barley, chicken minestrone soup, veggie beef bolognese and pasta stars, or fruity chicken and brown rice.

An orchard apple, carrot and prune blend sounds like a juice sold at a health food stand but it’s just one of the many combinations offered in squeezable packages for your special little loves. Although we love all of the blends we have tried this is my son and I’s favourite and to be honest I have actually eaten this particular blend on several occasions with my own breakfast (it’s that good). The combinations are revolutionary when it comes to baby food – how often do you see kale offered in baby blends? Until we tried the banana, apple and kale by Baby Gourmet I hadn’t seen it before. Coconut, kiwi, and mangosteen with quinoa aren’t even options for me (where would I find the time to whip up that interestingly delicious combo?) but it is for my son all thanks to Baby Gourmet!

Breakfast time comes easy with their grain cereals, they have four selections to choose from; ancient grain blend, banana raison oatmeal, smooth oatmeal, and creamy brown rice. Prepare the cereals either water, formula, breast milk or whole milk if you have already introduced your baby to milk products. For some added nutrition and variety you can mix in one of their squeezable purees and leave a little extra for yourself to try (honestly, the orchard apple, carrot and prune is incredible).  Snack time is a breeze with their mushies offered in fruity greens, banana beetberry and the banana berry greek yogurt (our favourite). The mushies are jam packed with flavour in each little freeze dried nugget of goodness.

Baby Gourmet really is the next best thing to homemade foods. Not only are they incredibly flavourful and convenient but they are filled with wholesome ingredients - every single ingredient added to the package comes from a certified organic farm (no GMO’s here). There are no fillers, added sugar, salt, or artificial preservatives used in any of their items. Did I mention the company is Canadian and has donated over 660,000 meals across North America? This truly is baby food you can feel good about giving to your baby and a company you can feel proud to support.

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Angel Fisher - Scenic photographer, writer, professional makeup artist, and lifestyle blogger. Mother of 10-month old son Valentino Ace, a rambunctious and sweet little dare devil who loves music. 

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