Monday, May 31, 2010

My child chef made me a "salad"

Today I had a post-production (the Summer 2010 issue of urbanbaby & toddler has just come out!) migraine and laid down on my bed for a little while in the middle of the day. My 5-year-old daughter came in a few minutes after I'd laid down, proclaiming that she would make me feel better. She stepped out for a while and came back in saying, "Mommy, I made you a snack that will make you feel better!" And with great pride, she presented to me with, "Ta-da! It's mushed banana and sliced zucchini salad!"

"Oh... thank you, sweetie," I replied. "It looks so delicious."

"Are you going to eat it now, Mommy? I made it myself. It will make you feel better!" she chattered. "Go ahead, eat it!"

Not only did I eat it, I ate it with gusto. It was certainly the most eclectic meal I've ever eaten and not exactly pleasing to my palate, to be sure. But it filled my heart in a way that no other meal ever has or could.

What have you eaten for your children?

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Anonymous said...

Peanut butter and relish sandwich-turns out it was delicious!!! Hmm-banana and zuchini eh??????? Imaginative!!!