Thursday, January 14, 2010

For pregnant women whose feet look like loaves of bread

Seriously, no one told me about how swollen my feet would get when I was in my last trimester. My sister told me they looked like loaves of bread. Thank you very much, sister, for letting me know. I had no idea what they looked like -- I hadn't seen my feet for several weeks!

Putting shoes became a one-handed operation. I'd lean to the right to put on one shoe with just the tips of my fingers on one hand. And then I'd lean left to do the other. Eventually, I stopped wearing shoes with laces because I couldn't lean forward over my belly with both hands to do my laces!

So I came across this contraption, the Lace-A-Matic, which could have made my shoelacing a lot easier. The device simply slips over your laces (which you need to pre-tie to the right tightness), and when you need to put your shoe on, slip your foot in and flip the Lace-A-Matic over. Presto! Your loaves of bread are safely encased in your lace-up shoes with very little effort.

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