Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 Creative Ways To Keep Kids Hydrated

Hydration can play a huge role in keeping kids healthy - and it becomes even more important when kids do get sick. If your little one isn’t a huge fan of drinking, use these 5 tips to keep him hydrated this season.

 1. Make it a game
Set a timer and see how much he can drink in 5 seconds. Or challenge her to a drinking
race to see who can finish their glass of water first. Get creative, and try not to get too competitive...

2. Use a fun straw or cup
Sometimes adding a colorful straw or offering a fun cup is all it takes to get kids to drink more.

3. Set a timer
Set a timer to go off every 10 minutes or every hour to remind your child to take a sip.

4. Offer something special
If your child is sick, fluids become an important part of helping them feel better faster. If
they refuse water, offer juice or a special drink that they don’t usually get to drink.

5. Freeze it
Yes, popsicles count as hydration - especially when you’re desperate.

Article courtesy of Boogie Wipes

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