Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No Mess Summer Pudding Popsicles

Summer memories of our childhood include making home-made popsicles from juice, or fruits
and enjoying them in the backyard. All I can think of as an adult is sticky, drippy, mess! (Don’t
get me wrong, I let my kids get all kinds of dirty, but sometimes you just need a popsicle inside
and don’t want sticky fingerprints all over!)

This simple idea makes dripless popsicles for your little ones to enjoy!

Instead of using juice or fruits, try a package of pudding mix. Make it as per the instructions on
the container and pour into your popsicle mould. Allow to freeze and voilá! In a few hours, you
will have tasty homemade popsicles for your little ones!

My kids love helping out with the mixing, and there is usually enough left over for a few
spoonful’s of pudding to hold them over until it is frozen!

Another reason why we love this option, is so that we can make dairy free popsicles. Check the ingredients on your favorite pudding and you will find that some are dairy free! They are great for lactose intolerant kids like ours! Just add your non-dairy milk (we like almond milk here) as per the package directions. This batch was made with the Tupperware popsicle moulds and Epicure’s chocolate pudding. On our next batch we are going to try vanilla pudding with mashed raspberries swirled in!

Don’t have popsicle moulds? No problem! Get some popsicle sticks and some small plastic or
paper cups. Pour your pudding into the cups and insert your stick! Once frozen, run a bit of hot
water on the cups to loosen or peel off the paper cup.

There are so many pudding flavors out there from chocolate to vanilla to butterscotch and more! What is your favorite pudding flavor? Consider vanilla with crushed Oreo bits, or vanilla with a ripe banana. Want a little less sugar? Try using yogurt instead of pudding.

Happy popsicle making!

Lindsay is a wife, a mom to two little boys, a soccer player, a lifetime traveler and a lover of
learning. She resides in Langley and is currently searching out new ways to enjoy every minute
she can with her family, while balancing the pressures of living in our fast-paced society. Check
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