Tuesday, December 29, 2015

UBT Product Review: Tubby Table

My oldest, Mattias, is always eager to rip open any box he finds that might contain a new toy! He was insistent to open the Tubby Table right away! We took out all of the parts, it was pretty easy to put together and got it ready for bath time! The table can be adjusted for different heights, which is great when your little ones are just getting used to sitting in the bath! We put it to the lowest setting and my boys were still able to play with it, but settled on it being a bit taller for more comfort!

My bathtub is every parent’s worst nightmare. The boys have squirting bath toys, cups and bowls, cars, action figures and plastic animals! They love nothing more than filling the cups up with water and putting them on the edge of the tub. Well you can imagine how much water ends up on the floor!

Tubby Table to the rescue! The Tubby Table fit nicely in the middle and the boys could play on either side. The cups were the biggest hit with my two-year-old, Markus, as he filled them up and put them on the space in the middle of the table, instead of the edge of the tub (phew!), He was also keen to take all four of them out and match them up to their shapes on the table! I love the fine motor-skills aspect of this!

Mattias liked the “free play” aspect of the table most. My boys love using their imagination and playing with all of their animals and action figures in the tub. There was lots of room on the table to do this, without using the edge of the tub and getting lots of water on the floor! And the

Tubby Table even has add-on activity mats to encourage free-play! We got the racecars and they were instantly zooming on the walls and across the table! Anything that encourages free-play and imagination is a hit with both of them

I love that it folds up for easier storage because big toys can often be a pain to store, but it fit under the counter nicely! But I highly doubt it will get put away anytime soon, when I say its “bathtime” there is a race up the stairs to start playing! I was a bit worried that it would not hold up to the roughness of my four year old. But I was pleasantly surprised! The suction cup on the bottom holds on quite well, just be sure to attach it to a dry tub or it will stick, but slide all over the tub!

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