Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Crafting with the Kids: Let’s Make a Snowglobe

As a child, I remember being fascinated with holiday snow globes. I would shake them up and watch the glittering particles fall gently onto whatever scene was inside the sphere – whether it be a solitary snowman or a festive Christmas village – and I’d imagine a world where it’s Christmas all year long.
I decided to recreate this love of snowglobes with my daughter and make our own! It was super easy and fun, and I’d highly recommend it.

What you’ll need:
• Mason jar or other jar with a sealable lid (a hinge lid is best)
• A figurine or holiday themed tree (or whatever you desire)
• Light colored glitter and baby oil
• A glue gun
• Some ribbon and any other odds and ends that you may want inside the globe (jewels, sprigs of greenery, etc).

1.Glue the figurine to the lid of the jar
2.Fill the jar with approx. a tablespoon of glitter, water and a drop of baby oil (it helps the glitter float down slower, enhancing the look)
3.Add any other bits and bobs that you’d like to go inside the globe, such as sprigs of holly, fancy mini trees, or more glitter
4.Place the lid on top and screw it on (or close it up if it’s a hinge lid)
5.Shake and You’re done! That’s it! Easy, hey?
6. You can also add ribbon or paint to the lid if you desire!

Happy Holidays from all of Us at Urbanbaby & Toddler Magazine! 

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