Friday, January 30, 2015

Five Steps for Prepping Your Skin For a Natural Healthy Complexion

The key to a flawless complexion lies within skincare and inner health. One should not rely on cosmetics to achieve a flawless facial finish as cosmetics are to be used to enhance. The following steps will help you achieve a healthy daily skincare routine and should take on average approximately five minutes to complete...Yay, for us busy Moms! 

Step 1 - Exfoliate
Exfoliator is used to gently lift away dull, dry cells and impurities from the skin.  Exfoliators do not need to be used on a daily basis, aim for one to three days a week.  Apply to a damp face with clean fingers or a moist sea sponge.

Step 2 - Cleanse
Cleanser is used to loosen and remove cosmetics, dull dry cells and impurities (all of which contribute to clogged pores). Apply to damp face with clean fingers or a damp cotton round and gently massage into the skin then rinse clean with cool water.

Step 3 – Tone
Toner is used to remove any last remaining cosmetic residues, and works to tone and tighten the skin for a lasting refreshed feeling. If you use a toner that squeezes out, apply to a cotton round and then gently massage onto face. If you have a toner in a spray bottle like mine you can follow the same step and spray onto a cotton round or close your eyes and mouth and apply a light even mist to face and neck. 

Step 4 – Moisturize
Apply with clean fingers and gently massage into the skin (is using a day/night cream from a jar, use a cotton swab to get the product out to eliminate any contamination).

Day cream - During the day our skin is exposed to many harmful elements (pollution, weather conditions, UV exposure and damage, cosmetics, etc) so the main purpose of a day cream is to provide moisturize while providing support and protection. Day creams are formulated to be light weight and easily absorbed into the skin as to not interfere with cosmetic application.

Night cream - During the night our skin works hard to regenerate and restore itself so the main purpose of a night cream is to provide moisturize and recovery. Night creams are often a much creamier and thicker consistency as they are designed to penetrate the skin throughout the night hours.

Step 5 – Eye care

Used to reduce puffiness and under eye circles, eliminate fine lines and provide ultimate moisture. Applying an eye cream or serum daily to the eye area will help overall in slowing down the aging process and therefore extending the time before wrinkles begin to appear. 

It is best to keep your products stored out of the washroom, away from sunlight, moisture, humidity, and heat. I store all my skincare and cosmetics in a clear carry tray that I keep in my bedroom closet. To make things easier I keep all the products I use daily in a separate case so I can grab it at any time with ease.

You can use any brand you’re comfortable with or if you’re in the market of purchasing some then I highly recommend the Andalou Naturals line. Andalou Naturals is gluten free verified, safe for use during pregnancy, is naturally preserved, vegetarian and vegan formulas and are cruelty free which means zero testing is done on animals and humans

The line can be found in stores at Whole Foods Market, Choices and Planet Organic. If ordering online you can find it on which is a company I often order from and is where I received all of my Andalou Naturals products. Nivea Naturals is a line that can be found in most drugstores and is another set I keep and use and would recommend as an alternative.

Contributor Angel Fisher is a scenic photographer, professional makeup artist, and lifestyle blogger. She's a mom to a 10-month old boy Valentino, a rambunctious and sweet little dare devil who loves music.

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