Thursday, October 30, 2014

7 Tips and Tricks for Halloween Night with Baby or Toddler

Each year when Halloween comes around kids get so excited to go trick-or-treating in fun costumes and go door-to-door collecting candy. For younger kids and babies, the experience is still new and so it can be a little frightening or overwhelming if they aren’t prepared for what’s to come. 

For baby’s first Halloween, you’ll definitely want to make sure baby stays warm and comfy for a smoother experience if she’s coming along when you take the older kids out. Here’s seven tips and tricks for your Halloween night out with baby or toddler.

1. Dress baby comfortably
The end of October typically gets pretty chilly in most areas and temperatures always get cooler at night so dress baby in his favorite pajamas or bring a blanket to cover him up. It also might help him fall asleep in the stroller so he won’t fuss or mind being along for the ride!

2. Use a baby support pillow
Since baby will be sitting in the stroller throughout the night, he can be more comfortable and have his head and neck supported with an infant headrest. It will help keep baby’s head and neck aligned when in the seated position so baby has a much easier time sitting in the stroller.

3. Bring water and snacks 
Baby might get fussy seeing his older brothers and sisters getting all the candy and not being able to have any for himself. Calm him down by packing his favorite snacks so he gets to have some treats too!

4. Bring a flashlight or glow sticks
It gets dark out quickly and many children are afraid of the dark, so bring flashlights to light up your way. You can also have kids carry glow sticks or put reflective tape on their costumes for safety.

5. Don’t go to houses with scary decorations
Many people go all out with their Halloween decorations and turn their houses and yards into haunted houses. Be careful around these houses or avoid them altogether or you might end up having something pop out at you and scare little ones so they’ll be in tears the entire night.

6. Pack baby wipes
Everyone knows that Halloween candy and treats are sticky and you don’t want to deal with messy, sticky kids the whole night so bring some wet baby wipes so you can wipe their faces or clean up the stroller so you don’t have sticky hands touching everything when you get home.

7. Bring friends and family
Trick-or-treating is a lot more fun when you have a bigger group of people with you. Plus, it helps to have some extra sets of eyes looking after the kids with you. You can also invite a neighbor with similarly aged kids to join you so you can help each other and have another adult’s company so you can also enjoy the night. 

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