Monday, June 3, 2013

Working Out with Baby in Vancouver

I was recently chatting with a young father who was celebrating a personal best Sun Run time. I asked him how he had time to train for that as a busy dad. He confessed he squeezed in a daily run at 5:40am every morning, while his baby is still sleeping and before his wife heads off to work.

I was impressed, but knew that I would need to find another way to squeeze in exercise, one that didn’t involve getting up before dawn (I’ve had enough of that with a newborn, thank you).

Finding time to exercise is tough with a new baby. Childcare is expensive, and it can be challenging for a lot of parents to sacrifice what little sleep they get to squeeze in a morning workout.

Luckily, there are lots of great fitness classes that are baby-friendly. Vancouver parents can bring along their little one to all of the following classes:

1. Fit 4 Two ( offers fitness classes such as spinning and bootcamp in locations around Vancouver. Babies watch mama from the comfort of their stroller.

2. Happy & Healthy Tough Treks ( are group hikes in local parks, with little ones in baby carriers, interspersed with body-weight exercises (like lunges). Participants can take breaks whenever they need, to nurse or settle baby, and the fresh air is fantastic for helping baby sleep.

3. Open Door Yoga ( offers baby-and-mom yoga classes on Main Street and Commercial Drive. These classes are for pre-mobile babies and offer socializing afterward.

Getting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans doesn’t have to include sacrificing morning sleep or time with baby. Participating in classes with your little one is a great way to socialize, sweat and get fit, and still enjoy an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning.

Make sure to get your Doctor’s approval before starting up a new postpartum exercise regime.

Sarah Murray

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