Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Children Teach Us Many Things

My love of writing started in my early teens via two vessels: Judy Blume’s "Are you there God, it’s me Margaret" and Salt N Pepa’s "Very Necessary" cassette tape.  I pretended to be a music journalist and wrote an "album review" for the latter in my diary!  My thirsting desire for written matter whether it be poetry or biographies has led me to this; my first post here on UrbanBaby & Toddler. New beginnings are always exciting.  A fresh clean slate. With motherhood, I find that there is always a new beginning, from your child's first tooth, to the first day of Kindergarten.  As a former Salsa Babies and Salsa Tots instructor, I have been blessed to witness many beginnings; from newborns snuggled in the baby carriers to these same newborns coming with their Moms to Salsa Tots as toddlers!   

One of my favourite quotes is "The days are long, but the years are short."  Being a mother to a child who in a span of 6 years went from a bald baby to an energetic curly haired boy, well nothing else makes that quote more undeniable. As for myself, well 6 years ago, I had no clue where the baby aisle was in the grocery store, let alone could explain to you what lactating meant.

With new beginnings, comes change.  Last summer, the playgrounds were replaced by the skateboard park.  Bye bye monkey bars and see saws, hello skate board ramps, rails, and polysporin.  How many times were we there last summer? A lot. So much so that when we arrived one afternoon, this kid got up from my "spot" because he knew that's where I sat.

 As a mother, there is nothing more heartwarming than witnessing my son smile when he's accomplished something he once had difficulty in. He had moments where he kept falling, but the next day there he was, band aid in place, attempting it again with the same hunger as the previous day. Children are so resilient, no?  As I found myself mesmerized with his tenacity, I discovered that there are life lessons to be found while watching children at the skate park.

1. When you fall down, get back up and try again.
2. You can still get hurt even when you protect yourself.
3. Acknowledge those you admire (i.e. "Dude, that was awesome!")
4. If you don't ask for help, you won't get help.
5. When going uphill, push hard. When you get to the top, it's alright to exclaim "I knew I could do that!"
6. You'll never know until you try.
7. If you don't make it up that hill today, there's always tomorrow.
8. Don't cut people off.
9. Be patient.
10. Savour each moment.

Looking back on last year, you can either regret not doing things or you can think, "I still want to accomplish that!"  Are you longing for a career change or thinking of taking up a new hobby? As for me, it has always been a goal of mine to return to boxing, but feared that my years away from it had left me rusty. But when my gym started offering classes, I took it as a sign and I seized the opportunity.  Now I can't imagine my week without it!

Here's to our children. As much as we are raising them, they are raising us. Let's follow their lead and zest for life and keep on getting back up every time we fall down.

To a year full of moments well lived!
With Love & Gratitude,

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