Friday, September 3, 2010

Christmas comes early with Sears catalogue

My kids get along most of the time, but they do fight. Mostly over who has more of this than the other, or whose turn it is to feed the dog, or over a certain something they both want exclusively.

This week, they're fighting over the Sears catalogue, which was delivered to all of the homes in our neighbourhood recently. They're fighting because each of them wants their fair share of time to pore over every page, making mental and written notes about what he/she wants for Christmas. My 5-year-old daughter wants everything that is pink or purple, regardless of the objects' actual relevance to the likes of or the appropriateness for a child. My 8-year-old son is making a priority list, with the most wanted at the top, complete with prices for each item (in case the gift giver has a set budget, you see -- how thoughtful he is).

For them, the act of dreaming about getting some of the items in the catalogue is better than actually receiving the items they want. It was the same for me, as a child. Ah, the Sears catalogue! Such fond memories.

Did you study the Sears catalogue for things you wanted when you were a kid?

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