Monday, June 14, 2010

When mamas grocery shop

This week, I decided to do my big weekly grocery shop at a store I don't usually frequent, at a time I don't usually do it (mid-afternoon). We were out with the kids in Kitsilano, and it was convenient to do it just then and there. I was in the same grocery chain that I have shopped at, but not the same location. And I immediately knew I didn't belong:
  1. I couldn't find family-size anything (most things were packed for the single or the couple).
  2. The aisles were very narrow so it was difficult to manage two lively kids and a shopping cart.
  3. The shopping carts were smaller than I'm used to -- not big enough to fit my stuff.
  4. When I got into the check-out line, absolutely no one got in line behind me. Oh, they slowed down as they got to the line I was in. But when they got sight of my kids (one usually standing up and caressing the candies, and the other on the floor looking for loose change) and my overfilled cart, they quickly U-turned outta there for another check-out -- ANY other check-out. I don't blame them. If I were a single, I wouldn't want to get stuck behind me either!
I think I'll stick to my regular shopping location and time.

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