Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter Baking with the Kids: Cadbury Creme Eggs Cupcakes

Cadbury Creme Eggs, always were a favourite of mine as a child, so once I had my own kidlets, obviously at Easter time, these were the go to item for me, and even better when I found them in mini size. I'm a big fan of cupcakes, so this recipe seemed to be the perfect fit! Sweet tooth warning: These are super yummy and sweet - the kids love them and these are super easy to make with

For this demonstration, I used a boxed cupcake mix, just to show you how quick and easy these can be made. If you have more time you can use your own favourite cupcake recipe from scratch.  I selected the Super Moist Golden flavour but I've made them with chocolate flavour as well and found them quite decadent.

Step 1: Wash your hands and prepare a clean work space.

Step 2:  Gather all your ingredients, for this you will need the following:

1. Ingredients as per box, mine called for 3 Eggs, 1 cup of milk or water, 1/2 cup  of vegetable oil;
2. Frozen Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs, I usually let them freeze them over night. by freezing them, they don't fully explode inside the cupcake batter once they are placed into the oven. Each small bag contains roughly 16 mini eggs
3. Cupcake liner and cupcake pan
4. Vanilla Icing and yellow food colouring
Step 3:
 Preheat oven to 350 F

Step 4: Mix together all your cupcake ingredients and then pour the batter into the cupcake paper liners. I would recommend starting with 1/3 of the way or if you like bigger cupcakes like me, I usually go 1/2 of the way full. Then place one frozen mini egg in the centre and cover the egg with additional batter, so that the mini creme egg is not exposed.

Step 5: Place in oven for 15 minutes and allow to bake. Once the cupcakes are finished, allow them to completely cool down.

Step 6: For this, I used store bought but it can be substituted for your own favourite DIY icing, as long as it's vanilla. I leave half in the container as our "egg white" and then add yellow food colouring to the desired shade of yellow for the "yolk". Place both containers of icing into the fridge to allow to cool.

Step 7: Ice the tops of the cupcakes with white icing first as this will resemble your "egg white" and I like to put them back into the fridge at this point to cool again to ensure the icing is stuff and then use the yellow icing to put a drop in the centre and smooth out into a circle to resemble your egg yolk. You can leave them like this or go one further and place a second mimi creme egg on top for decoration if you'd like.

Happy Easter! 

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